Learn SalesforceDX Installation and tutorial

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Today Iam happy to explain you about salesforceDX

What is salesforce DX ?

SalesforceDx is modern and easy way to built and access apps on in entire life cycle. It contains great command-line interface (CLI) removes the complexity of working with your Salesforce
org for development, continuous integration, and delivery.

Steps to install salesforceDX

1. In order to access new salesforceDX you active devhub in your org or you need to create new developer org from below url

login new org

2. Install the CLI using the links below based on your operating system .

Operating System Link to Installer
Windows 32-bit        
Windows 64-bit        
Debian/Ubuntu 64  
Debian/Ubuntu x86

3. after download install file and run it open, with above package with predefined gitbash also installed in your org

4. open gitbash and click

$ sfdx



5. Connect your salesforce org

6. login into org provide credentials

7. Create a new project in your local system

8. open folder and open code console

need to download form this link visual studio code and add Salesforce Extensions for VS Code too

9. To create new lighting component in our local org and  force-app\main\default\aura is repository where we need to store our new lightning component

10. create a new apex class

11. push code into org

12 In order to push you need to create a default dev org

13. Next push code into dev org need to create a strach org

14 . try to push again

15. to open org


16. to know status

17. to know changes made on your org

18. assign permission to scratch org users

19.  To run test classes on salesforceDX

21 create a new project

23 tree is used find structure

Happy coding … Thanks for visiting us.
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