Salesforce MVP Nomiantions are opened for 2018

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Salesforce Releases there Salesforce MVP Nomiantions are opened for 2018

What is MVP in salesforce ?

MVP stands for Most Valuable Person. Salesforce MVP is awarded to persons
who shares their knowledge,leadership and creativity with in salesforce community
MVP will rewarded every yearly one.

Now !! Nominations will be open from January 9th to February 5th.

Step 1: Go to
and search for you need nomination name a new page will automatically be open then fill the below details
Step 2 : Pick (2) Primary Contribution Channels (Select any 2 from the below Below ones)
Answers – Online Trailblazer Community (This is required and choose any 1 from the below)
Ideas – Online Trailblazer Community
Developer Community
Social: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
Content: Blog, Podcasts

Step 3 : Fill your Community & Social Profiles
Trailblazer Community Profile Link :
Trailhead Profile Link:
Twitter Username:
LinkedIn Profile Link :
Blog( If you have any website or blog please add them) .

Step 4 : For WHY YOU THINK THIS INDIVIDUAL SHOULD BE A SALESFORCE MVP? enter below information or you can change some lines.

Ex: Bhanu Prakash has great knowledge on salesforce development skills and he likes to help others on technical stuff like apex development, lighting components.
He involved major in administrator and development skills. He likes to contribute his skills through his blog in and likes to spend time and reslove
queries in developer forum. He also active in social media like twitter, facebook, linkedIn ..etc

Step 5: Additional Links

Ex: Add links which are related to those nominates

Step 6 : Need to fill your information ABOUT YOU
Your First Name :
Your Last Name :
Your Email :

Step 6 :Click Submit .

Congratulations !!! you have nominate yours and and you can refer as my friend’s you can 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you like to nominates my please click on below link

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