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Salesforce lightning interview question and answers

Q. What is Lightning component framework ?
A. Lightning component framework is UI framework which helps to design dynamic web apps to mobile and desktop with high responsive

Q. what is use of Lightning component framework ?
A. Lightning component framework helps to design out of box components with rich ecosystem and high performance. It is also Event-Driven architecture

Q. what are component in Salesforce Lightning ?
A. Components is a piece of code(Building blocks of page) which helps to reusable to anywhere we want.

Q.Which Framework Lightning Supports ?
A. Lightning Supports (Aura) component-based framework.

Q. How many types of events available ?
A. Component Event  Scope of this event is within itself or the parent component of this event, all the components declared within the parent component would get notified of this event( managed by the component itself).

Application Event is handled by all components that are subscribed to the event. These events are essentially a traditional publish-subscribe model.

Q.What is Aura ?
A. Aura is UI framework to built dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices into lightning.

Q.what is SLDS stands for ?
A. Salesforce Lightning Design System.

Q.What is Lightning Bundle?
A.Lightning Bundle contains Component,Controller,Helper,style,documentation,rerender,design,SVG with it.

Q. To design Lightning components, Do we need to create a custom domain ?
A. Yes, we need to custom domain to built lightning component. By using custom domain helps use to make our organization more secure while authentication.

Q.Is it mandotary to create custom namespaces to develop lightning components ?
A. No, It’s Optional, But if need we can create with Namespace also.

Q. Can we access one lightning component on another lightning component in salesforce ?
A. Yes, We can able to access by using

Q. Can we access one javascript controller method on another controller method in salesforce lightning component?
A. No, we can’t able to access

Q. Can we access one javascript helper method on another helper method in lightning Component?
A. Yes,We can able to access

Q. Can we use external libraries in components?
A. Yes, Lightning component supports various libraries such as Bootstrap,Gruntjs,angularJS ….

Q.By which interface helps us to show component in lightning Tabs ?
A. by adding implements=”force:appHostable”.It helps us to a component display in lightning Tabs.

Q.By which interface helps us to show component in lightning Record home page ?
A. by ading implements=”flexipage:availableForRecordHome,force:hasRecordId” and access=”global”
we can use record home page in Lightning Experience.

Q. How to make quick lightning action ?
A. with embedding script into our code implements=”force:lightningQuickAction”

Q.What are component Naming Rules in Salesforce Lightning ?

A These are Naming Rules in Salesforce Lightning
• Must begin with a letter
• Must contain only alphanumeric or underscore characters
• Must be unique in the namespace
• Can’t include whitespace
• Can’t end with an underscore
• Can’t contain two consecutive underscores

Q.How to use static resources in Lightning Application ?
A. we need show name which is stored in our static resource.

Q. What are value providers in Salesforce Lightning ?
A. Value providers helps use to access data in Lightning Application .They are two value providers as v(View) and c(controller)
v is component attribute set which helps to access component attribute values in markup
c is component controller helps us to link with event handlers and action for the component

Q. List of Global value providers ?
A. globalID

Q.How to call Custom Label in lightninig component?
A. Custom Label helps to create multilingual applications by user language
Syntax : $A.get(“$Label.namespace.labelName”)

Q. How to add a button in Salesforce Lightning ?
A. lightning:button

Q. How to make button to work on click in Salesforce Lightning ?
A. ui:button

Q. What are list of tools are avaliable in salesforce lightning ?
A. Lightning Connect
Lightning Component Framework
Lightning Schema Builder
Lightning Process Builder
Lightning App Builder

Q.what is locker service in Salesforce Lightning ?
A. LockerService is a powerful security architecture for Lightning components. It enhances security by isolating Lightning components in their own namespace.

Q. What is @AuraEnabled ?
A. @AuraEnabled is helps to access methods in Lightning.

Q. what is Lightning Data Service in Salesforce Lightning?
A. Lightning Data Service helps to create, edit, delete and loads in component without help of apex and it shares filed level security and sharing rules to us.

Q. What is Lightning Container in Salesforce Lightning ?
A. By Lightning Container, we can access third party framework such as angularJS , reactJS. To access those developed app need to store in static resource.

Q.Which chorme extenstion helps us to debug lightning applications ?
A. Salesforce Lightning Inspector


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