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Welcome to dreamforce day 1

Finally, Marc Benioff introduced new feature called mySalesforce, myTrailhead, myIOT, myEinstein, myLightning,


MyTrailhead is latest feature which is released in dreamforce 2017 where this is modern continuous learning platform. With myTrailhead companies can customize their learning and increase the skills of your employees. you can customize view of myTrailhead with branding aspects such as logo, font and color. They can create new trailmixes and new badges according to your company and which can available in Multilanguage’s.

They are various aspects in myTrailhead like
1. Trail Maker is a private learning platform and they can customize without code
2. Trailhead profile is similar to our trailhead dashboard where they can find their employees ranks and earned badges
3. Trail Mixer helps them to create their own trailmixes and they can share those to their employees to achieve their badges.
4. Trail Tracker is an app which provide the ranks of employees and helps to join them in gamification . It also can monitor by their managers
5. Trail checker provides the information of individual employee performance on myTrailhead such as quiz, badges, ranks and hands-on- challenges

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As you know salesforce release Einstein at previous dreamforce and all are now get adapted Einstein to use Artificial Intelligence for to analyze your org record performance. With latest myEinstein which helps admins and developers can built AI-powered apps with clicks. It helps automates the model building and data scoring process in creating custom predictive models and bots.
Einstein Prediction Builder helps us to create custom AI models on any object , any field, custom object to predict result and helps us to best deals to be implemented.
Einstein Bots helps admins to design, train and deploy customized service chatbots with just clicks.


Lightning framework helps use to design lightning base components with App Builder, Components, Community Builder, Component Ecosystem and the Lightning Design System
With myLightning we can customized branding apps and improve experience which can’t be look like salesforce look and feel.

myLightning contains various aspects like

with Theming and design system we can specify brand image, pages background, color.
They are nearly 300 custom theme helps companies design their custom branding on themes.
It is very easily to deploy new theme to the organization without code

App Builder with dynamic pages helps use to control by adding filter condition or logic to when a component or record page to be display . we can customize experience with out adding anything to custom component

Lightning Flow helps to sequential flow on user navigation depending on their answers. With new
Lightning flow admin can provide path to add a record, app, portal and console by visual process with help of lightning components.

Lightning Blot helps companies to engage with their customers in total new patterns. They are out-of-the-box solutions which contain industry best practices, Lightning Components and business logic helps to grow company success rate.


we heared more about IOT stands for Internet of things IoT. Now a modern world any device is connected to internet. With IOT we can gather huge information regarding performance, growth of a product or device. IoT helps data to build, iterate and deploy proactive sales, service or marketing business processes.

In order to implement all above features to your company visit salesforce website No tags for this post.


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