Enable Custom Domain in Salesforce Lightning

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Hi Guys,
Today iam explain you that

how to enable custom domain in salesforce lightning from basics

In order to start lightning in salesforce we need to have custom domain. Now Iam running lightning application with out domain it shows below error

What is custom domain ?

Custom domain is which helps us to make custom url to login and look and feel like it your own branded URL. By using custom domain you can help users to login into salesforce from social media like facebook, twitter,linkedin on.

Steps to create custom domain

  • In order to setup custom domain you need to go  Path :  setup- domain(in quick search)- MyDomain.

  • Choose your requested domain type in search for forcelearn1234 and click on check avalibility

  • If you find you domain sucessfully click on register domain and wait for couple of minutes.

  • you will receive mail for salesforce login to your domain and then deploy to all users
  • Cheers !! you are allowed to create lightning components in salesforce lighting


Note :  They are some restriction provided by salesforce like  you sub- domain need not contain keywords like www, salesforce, heroku  you domain need not to be start with root, status, a -(hyphen).

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