Happy Birthday Salesforce Einstein

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what is AI ?????

AI is makes our daily experiences to smarter by predictive intelligence. We are already in the world we are using Siri(Apple), Google assistant they are many more…

It helps to ability to deals with Large amount of data in lesser cost and it is very easy to access and adapt to new environment

what is salesforce Einstein ?

Now its time to Salesforce, They launched their salesforce Einstein in previous dreamforce 2016 . Now its take to say Happy Birthday to Einstein

It helps use to make analytics with their predictive score to make increase revenue to company

  •    Sales can anlyize the next opportunities and reach customer to be satisfied
  •    Service can be priotization of case to helps to customer not be in depressed on delay
  •    Marketing can create predictive journeys and personalise experiences like never before
  •    IT can create smarter apps to customer and employees to reslove time gap between  case to solution

Einstein has list of options like

  1. Einstein Discovery
  2. Predication Builder and Smart Fields
  3. Bots
  4. vision
  5. Language

How its works ?

It capture all your records like knowledge, Discussion, CRM data, Related content and generate answers and get feedback with help of machine learning

Einstein is available various clouds like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Platform, Analytics Cloud, and Community Cloud.

Predication Builder

It helps use to packaging Einstein predictions into our app directly

Its helps use to develop vision and language services by Einstein APIs

Einstein helps us to analyze

  1. Einstein Lead scoring
  2. Einstein Account Insights
  3. Einstein Activity capture
  4. Einstein opportunity Insights
  5. Einstein Automated contacts

Keep Learning Einstein  and try to implement in your organization

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