Disable Identity Confirmation in salesforce

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Today I am facing error that while i am entering into my salesforce org. I find out salesforce org is requesting to check our identity, It send  me to check my verification to my email and need to paste code on our salesforce login page .  So I though it make issue while i am working on major escalation  and need to passed this issue . I found the google chrome plugin and which helps me to reslove that in a couple of minutes so  i like to share here. I know lot of developer got same issue as faced to me

I have posted a video for more clarification on Disable Identity Confirmation in salesforce


In order to resolve that error .I find out a google chrome plugin Whitelist All IPs for salesforce.

follow above link

1. Add extenstion to google chrome browser
2. Login into your salesforce org.
3. Go to setup- Security control – network Access
4. You will find new button called Whitelist All IPs
5. Click on it and sit for relax

6. Hola !!! .. Now you can able to login anywhere without ip restriction.

Stay tune us. we will provide lot of tips and tricks on salesforce development




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