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salesforce interview question and answers

1.What is workflow ?

It is automated process that fired an action based on evalution criteria and rule cretria
Path : Setup – Create – Workflow & Approval process

2. What is trigger ?
A. It is a piece of code that executes before and after a record is inserted or updated
we can use 20 DML operations in one trigger

3. What is Wrapper class ?
A. It is a class whose instance are collections of other objects
It is used to display different object on visualforce pages in same table

4. What is static resources ?
A. Static resources is used to upload images, zip files, jar files, JavaScript, Css and it is refered to visual force pages.

5. What is difference between Output Text and Output Field ?

A. Output Text always display field value as text irresponsive of datatypes such as currency, lookup ..etc
B. Output Field is display automatically according to fields datatypes, if it currency looks currency symbol, if it is lookup type then display as link in pages.

6. What is difference between Input text and Input field ?
A. Always display field value as text box irrespective of datatypes
B. Display automatically according to fields data types

7. What is difference between datatable and Pageblocktable ?
A. Datatable is used to display records withoutout standrad salesforce look and feel
B. Pageblocktable is used to display records with standrad salesforce look and feel

8. Can we change of class/ trigger in production environment ?
No , we can’t change class and trigger in production.
we can change visualforce pages in production but page does not have custom controller

9. What is salescloud ?

Sales Cloud refers to the sales module in It includes Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Contracts, Opportunities, Products, Pricebooks, Quotes, and Campaigns.

10 what is service cloud ?

Service Cloud refers to the service module in It includes Accounts, Contacts, Cases, and Solutions.

11. Can we change custom financial year to standard fiscal year once it is changed by administrator ?
No , We cannot

12. What is page layout and Compact layout?
Page Layout is used for web application
Compact Layout is used for Mobile applications

13. How many ways we can share a record ?
Role hierachy, OWD (Organization Wide Default), Manual Sharing, Crietria based sharing rules and apex sharing.

14. What is IsBlank and IsNull ?
IsNull is support only numbers
IsBlank is support bpth text and number

15. What is and trigger.old ? returns a list of new version of sObjects records. This Sobjects is only avaliable insert & update and records only modifed in before triggers

16. What is Trigger.NewMap and Trigger.OldMap ?
Trigger.NewMap is map of new ID versions
Trigger.OldMap is map of old ID versions

17. Why do we write test class ?
To test write class functionality is working or not by using test class. Salesforce does not allow deployment in production if test coverage is less than 75.

18. what is Future Annotation ?

By using Future Annotation, we can find methods are running asynchronously

19. How to write custom error in trigger ?
By using addError()

20. What are methods in batch apex ?

Start , Execute and Finish methods

21. Can we lock records in apex ?

Yes, we can lock records in apex using for update

22. What is visualforce Component ?

Visualforce Component is a piece of code that can be reused and encapsulated in other vf pages

23. How to make field as required in visualforce pages ?

By Making Field as required on visualforce page marking as required is equal to true

24. Can user change his own profile and role ?
User can change his role but he cannot change his profile

25. Can we deliver visualforce page in excel format ?
Yes we can convert visualforce into excel format by using content type

26. How many types of email templates in salesforce ?

A. Text
B. HTML (Using letterhead )
C. Custom (Using without Letter head)
D. Visualforce Page

27. What is Rollup Summary ?
Rollup Summary is used to display the count of child records and calculate the sum,minmum and maximum of child records.

28. what is Audit trail ?

Audit Trail provides the information or track all the recent setup changes that an administrator done to organization
It stores the last 6 months data.

29.What is OWD ?
It defines the basic level of access to data records for all users in organization. It helps to restrict access into data
They are
A. Private
B. Pubilc Read/write
C. Public Read/write/Transfer
D. Controlled by Parent
E. Public read only

30. what are folders in salesforce ?
Folders are used to store organization email templates, documents, reports and dashboards

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